Unstoppable Selling & Car Sales Training

The benefits of online car sales training are obvious to the salesperson who wants to do more. Duane Marino is about to launch his first book, Unstoppable Selling.  Take our online automotive training to learn the industry best practices you need to improve your sales figures without taking a day off the showroom floor. You can take online car sales training on the days your dealership is closed or on the slow days in the office. Take online car sales training so that you can get the training you need on your schedule without hurting today’s sales while boosting next month’s sales.

When is online automotive sales training right for your team? Why do you want to rely on online car sales training instead of sending your entire team to a seminar?Give new hires and flagging veterans the best car sales tips and tricks without having to pay even more to send them to seminars, without the need to pay for seminar tickets for those who are already doing well. Let those who aren’t doing as well as they could take sales training online discretely instead of being singled out for improvement.

Duane Marino Discusses Motivation.  North America’s Top Automotive Sales Trainer:

Provide online car sales training to those just meeting quota to improve performance without relying on threats or pep talks.

Use online training they can pause when interrupted, replay when they didn’t understand or put on closed captioning if hearing impaired. Online sales training has the added benefit of letting you repeat the entire course to maximize knowledge retention.

Provide online sales training to help those who want or need to improve their performance do it on their own schedule, without generating the reasonable resentment caused by demanding they miss family activities on days off to go to sales training.

Car Sales Trainer

Discover the sales techniques to cause customers to fall in love with the car and your service level from the most successful salespeople. Replay or repeat their most valuable lessons while watching online sales training so that you can pick up the right tone of voice and proper body language.

Let your salespeople at home sick use their days away from the office productively. Give aspiring office staff the opportunity to learn car sales techniques from online car sales training before you let them shadow your best salespeople.  For more information Calgary homes for sale check out www.AlbertaRealEstateGroup.com or CalgaryCondos.org a great place to find all your Calgary condos for sale listed.

Duane Marino Discusses Jealousy and Sales:

Find out the car sales tips and tricks that can boost close rates so you make more money without having to handle more clients. And online automotive sales training ensures that your salespeople get this training without neglecting potential clients in the building.

Improve your sales figures with our online car sales training, without missing a busy day on the floor.  For the best Calgary Crane company check out H&H Cranes.

Or take our online car sales training if you cannot make one of our live events, whether due to time or travel restrictions. Learn from the best to make next quarter’s sales even better.


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March 18, 2015